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YIDISPLAY display equipment company is one of China’s leading producers of portable and custom displays. We are a member of the Chinese Exhibition Industry Association and also a member of Setting the Standard for Innovative Exhibit and Graphic Design. Established in 1995, we have many years experience in tbe portable and custom display industry. We specialize in manufacturing pop-up, panel, tabletop, flag, pop up Tent, counter, promoter... etc. In order for us to achieve success, we must stand out from the crowd and therefore at YIDISPLAY we are always pushing the envelope to develop dynamic new concepts that are sure to attract attention. Additionally, to stay competitive we always supply top quality products at competitive prices. At YIDISPLAY we produce top of the line customized promotional products at the most competitive rates possible.

YIDISPLAY is a large-scale factory for making display products, so we must sell our display products to terminal clients via our display products distribution network. Additionally, we are constantly looking for good display product partners worldwide who have the capability to co-operate with YIDISPLAY in selling YIDISPLAY display product to their market. If you are interested in YIDISPLAY products, please contact us for further information at: YIDISPLAY display equipment company.