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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequent questions asked by our customers.

If you do not see the answer to your question or you have any other question, please email us anytime at [email protected]

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enlightenedWhy should I choose Yidisplay Equipment, Inc as the supplier?
        YIDISPLAY has many years experience doing business with American and European resellers, we deeply understand the reputation of our reseller is extremely important, we can produce high quality products which suit our resellers demands, and we are continually improving our product offering through communication with our customers around the world. YIDISPLAY is the only company in China with our level of experience and international development. YIDISPLAY is capable of provided service and products comparable to what they could order in their home countries at a far more competitive rate. This is the YIDISPLAY promise, this is the real reason why you should choose Yidisplay Equipment, Inc as the supplier .

        Additionally, We offer a wide selection of tradeshow displays and accessories, many of which we are the sole manufacturer in China. We strive to give you, the reseller , the best price possible, and we can do that being the manufacturer. Our sales team is ready and willing to help you make the correct purchase based on your specific needs. We know efficient service and quality products is key, not just a low price. Yidisplay Equipment, Inc. is the sole manufacturer of energy pop up, panel system. Buy direct from us, and be prepared to save money, but gain quality!

enlightenedHow long has your company been in business?
        We have been successfully selling trade show displays since 1995. In 2000 we established our web site, and today, the internet produces the large majority of our sales.
enlightenedDo you offer printing services?
        Yes, we do offer digital inkjet printing services. We print using an HP DesignJet 5500 42" wide format inkjet printer. The resolution we print at is 600dpi, however the quality of the final print depends on the quality of the files submitted.

enlightenedWhat type of media is used for digital printed graphics?
        We print on GE Lexan Polycarbonate for our digital prints, then laminate the back of the print with white vinyl. There is no paper involved in our printing method, which makes the final product very durable. Depending on your specific use, we may recommend the use another type of media other than GE Lexan Polycarbonate.

enlightenedHow would I submit my artwork for printing?
        You can send us your artwork by e-mail (under 4MB), on CD or disk via overnight service, or upload using our FTP server. Once your artwork is received, we thoroughly review the artwork for any problems. Always be sure to reference either your order number or company name with any artwork being submitted.

enlightenedHow do my graphics attach to the display?
        Our displays are covered with Velcro Receptive Front Runner or Prelude Fabric. You can use adhesive Hook Velcro to attach your graphics to the display.

enlightenedHow long will my display last?
        If handled properly, your display will last many years. As your image or products change, you are able to update your graphics.

enlightenedWhat is the warranty for your displays?
        We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all our pop-up display frames. All replacement parts would be covered under this warranty. All other displays come with one-year manufacturer warranty covering manufacturers defects.

enlightenedHow do I order a display?
        Ordering our products is fast & easy. You can submit an order via fax, phone or e-mail. Simply print our Yidisplay Order Form and fax it to+86-750-3818463 or Email it to us.

enlightenedWhat forms of payment do you accept?
        We accept payment by L/C (irrevocable letter of credit ) or T/T(certified bank telegraphic transfer money). We require receipt of the check in advance before your order ships out. Please in advance fax+86-750-3818463 or email the copy of bank confirmation to us.

enlightenedDo you charge Sales Tax?
        Any orders shipping out of China will not be charged sales tax.

enlightenedWhat is the normal lead-time for production of a display?
        Our normal lead-time for production of a display is 5-7 business days or less. Some items we offer are in stock and available to ship within 24hrs.

enlightenedWhich carrier is used to ship my order?
        Generally, for the order we ship using Ocean cargo, we used to use Eculine ocean transport company for break bulk cargo, using Evergreen-marine for container cargo, the sample order or small order we ship using by Air cargo (Emery air cargo or Express DHL. UPS. (if the client demands the express freight collect, the client needs tell us the express account) However, if you would like to request another carrier, we will be happy to meet your needs. Also, if you would like to use your shipper number, just let us know when you are placing your order.

enlightenedWhat is the shipping transit time if my order is shipped via ocean cargo?
        Depending on your exact location, for instance, transit time for Eculine ocean transport company or Evergreen-marine for container cargo is 18-25 business days to USA.